Cloud API

EmoVu Cloud API offers a wealth of Emotion, Engagement and Demographics analytics that allow third party applications to better understand users’ emotional engagement and demographics while they interact with web application, online games and videos, websites…etc. These predictive emotional analytics can then be leveraged by web developers to help tailor enhanced user experiences.


EmoVu Cloud API enables third party applications to process collected data in near real-time in the cloud and then provide emotional and demographic insights for consumption by other applications or processes.

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Camera stream



Image sequences

EmoVu Desktop SDK supports four widely-used input modalities, namely, camera streams, video files, static images, and image sequences. Most camera systems are supported including USB2.0/3.0, CameraLink, Gig-E, and Firewire interfaces. All common video and image file formats are also supported including avi, flv, mp4, mov, jpg, bmp, and png.

Mobile SDK Deliverables

EmoVu Cloud API provides a wealth of facie analytics data including age group and gender labels, continuous measurements for seven universal expressions, an identity label, and gaze tracking data.

Providing all of these metrics in one platform reduces both development complexity and computational overhead. Our all-in-one comprehensive solution employs a feature extraction approach that leverages common attributes across different classification problems.

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